We are team ThingsCrafted. Our mission is simple: to spread the joy of color, personality and community to everyday creative people. We love to design and we love to make people happy. This just seemed like the perfect way to do everything we love all at once.

Without further ado, meet our team:

Britta Swiderski – Owner and Art Director

Britta has been graphic designing for six years; it all started with a love for papercrafting about 14 years ago, and that love of paper and ink still goes strong to this day. She has a blog that she likes to share projects on. If you’ve been there, you may have realized that Britta has attempted (and, in most cases, completed at least one project of) almost every creative endeavor possible, from paper mache to upholstery design to painting, but she always comes back to handlettering and drawing – something that can be done anywhere and about anything. Britta is the brains and the design behind most of the operation, but she couldn’t do it without her awesome support staff.

Leia Batman Swiderski – Chief of Box Inspection and Morale

Late nights, early mornings, mid-afternoon naps… this cat does it all. And you better believe that she inspects every single box that enters and leaves ThingsCrafted. Every box and bag is almost instantaneously 100% Leia Approved… and then 100% Leia’s New Toy.

Jake Daczyk – Leader of Hugs and Packing Tape

Jake and Britta met in college about six years ago and became friends over time. Eventually, Britta worked up the nerve to ask Jake out on a date (peeking through a fence at a super expensive U2 concert), and the rest is history. Jake is not only a fantastic, manly emotional support, but he’s getting exceptionally good at packing shipping envelopes full of pretty stamps. Team ThingsCrafted took a vote, and we think we’ll probably keep him. ;)

We're taking a break from ThingsCrafted to pursue our next great adventure, LuLaRoe! Come check my online boutique here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LuLaRoewithBritta You may continue to purchase planner inserts via the shop, but for now we're taking a break from making custom stamps. :) Thank you so much for your support and love! If you want to get in contact with us, contact me at britta.daczyk(at)gmail(dot)com. <3