Welcome and Hello!

Hey there. Today marks a very important day on a brand new adventure. It’s the first day of ThingsCrafted! We finally get to reveal everything fun, bright and happy that we’ve been working on tirelessly for several months. Our mission is clear:

ThingsCrafted will bring color, personality and community into the lives of everyday creative people.

We’ll do this by starting with a fabulous line up of custom stamps. Have you ever wanted a stamp for the back of your artwork so that people know where to find your blog if they want to see more? Have you always wanted an address stamp with a silhouette of your dog on it? Is there a phrase you find yourself or your family saying often that just needs to be a stamp? Well then you’ve come to the right place! We offer 10 different sizes of stamps in handled, art mount (wood block) and self-inking form. You can check out our custom options here.

Our roots are in the papercrafting industry – cardmaking (hey, what are you doing for your holiday card this year? How about one big holiday message stamp?), scrapbooking, Project Life® and planners and daily organizers – but Britta has designed for years for all sorts of situations. Britta Swiderski, the founder and creative director of ThingsCrafted, has been using her graphic design skills for freelance jobs, her own art and even the occasional blog post for just about six years now, and she’s ready to put her skills to work for you.

Our formula for coming up with just the right design for you is as simple as four steps:

How ThingsCrafted Makes Custom Stamps

We even have a set of hand-written type styles that you can choose from. Oh! And we don’t have a computer font for handwriting – we treat each name, word and doodle with the care that it deserves. Every stamp starts out with pencil and paper before it hits the computer. Here’s a look at our type options, writing styles that Britta has been developing for years:

ThingsCrafted Type Samples - ThingsCrafted.com

In fact, we already have a few stamps for you to take a peek at. If you’d like a ThingsCrafted stamp but aren’t quite looking for a custom order quite yet, our hand-designed stamps will be perfect for you.

So take a look around and stay a while! Subscribe to our email newsletter to always be in the know about store updates and even have access to exclusive content and sales before everyone else gets to know. Learn more about the ThingsCrafted team here and find the answers to any ordering or shipping questions you might have here.

And to thank you for your awesome support, we’d like to offer you 10% off your first order with the code HAPPYTHINGSCRAFTED. Orders over $99 also get free US shipping or reduced international shipping! Happy shopping, and be sure to mark your calendars for Friday, November 21st at 9 am Central Standard Time for our Grand Opening Blog Hop. It’s looking like it’s going to be quite happy and colorful. :)

See you again soon!
XOXO The ThingsCrafted Team